Terms of Agreement

Terms of Agreement

1. The subject of this agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) is the relationship between the Woo Media LTD Company "WOO MEDIA" (hereinafter referred to as the Service, available at http://Woo.Media/), and you (hereinafter referred to as the User), regarding use, incl. connected with the use of objects of intellectual property, as well as other services of the Service.

2. Services should be understood as access granted to the User to television, audio, and audiovisual content in digital format.

3. A user is any individual who accesses the Service.

4. This Agreement becomes available (offer) to the User upon entering the Service.

5. The further use of the Service is a confirmation of the User's acceptance (acceptance) of the terms of this Agreement.

6. Use of the Service by the User, any of its services, means the User's unconditional consent with all clauses of this Agreement and unconditional acceptance of its conditions.

7. Service reserves the right, at its discretion, to change the Agreement at any time without special prior and (or) subsequent notification to the User.

8. The current version of the Agreement is available at http://woo.media.

9. Continuation of the use of the Service by the User after any changes in the Agreement implies the User's consent to such changes.

10. The Service provides the User with access to audiovisual works and/or phonograms of works (hereinafter referred to as the Content), which is placed on the Service, solely for personal non-commercial use.

11. The user hereby confirms that he has reached the age of 14 years, and also understands and agrees that the Service may establish higher age limits for access to this or that Content.

12. A user who has not reached the required age undertakes to refrain from access to such Content.

13. When choosing video content, the User follows his own will.

Individual works can contain erotic scenes, scenes of violence, profanity, and also may seem unsuitable for viewing. This video is not recommended for viewing to people with the weak psyche, pregnant women, and children.       

A user over 18 years of age must not under any circumstances provide access to the sections of the Service and video content that have age restrictions (in particular, the section "Erotica") to minors and minors. To restrict the access of minors and minors to the sections of the Service and video content that have age restrictions (in particular, the section "Erotica"). The user undertakes to use the Parental Control function.

14. The user guarantees that he will not perform any actions aimed at bypassing the technical means of protection (in particular, the territorial access restriction system or the system of protection against unauthorized copying).

15. The user is responsible and independently takes measures to ensure the security of his account on the Service.

16. The user is fully responsible for all actions performed using his own account.

17. The User undertakes to immediately notify Technical Support of the Service by phone or in any accessible way about any cases of unauthorized use of the User's account by third parties.

18. Access to the Service and Content is provided in an "as-is" format, and the Service does not guarantee that the provided services meet the User's expectations. In order to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement, the Service reserves the right to engage third parties with a view to arranging access to the Services.

19. The User understands and agrees that the Service may, at its discretion and without special notice to the User, change the set of Content and/or the functionality of the Service.

20. The User understands and agrees that the Service does not guarantee the error-free and uninterrupted operation of the Service and by default is not responsible for the damage caused to the User by technical hardware or software failures on either side.

21. The User understands and agrees that Service is not responsible for the reliability of the advertising information posted on the Service and the quality of the advertised goods or services.

22. The user himself gets acquainted with information about the terms of service and tariffs. The provision of the Services begins after the User has made a payment. The settlement period is a period of 30 calendar days. The user performs settlements by replenishing the balance, which, in the understanding of this Agreement, is the account of the User in the system of settlements of the Service to account for the funds accrued and paid for the Service. Information on the ways of replenishment of balance and requisites for payment are available in the personal account of the User. The user undertakes to monitor the state of his balance sheet and prevents the occurrence of a negative balance. The Bank, through which the User replenishes the balance, has the right to initiate a contract write-off of funds from the account of the User in the bank for the regular replenishment of the User's balance after receiving the User's consent and in accordance with the rules and conditions of the bank provided to them by the User. Information about the possibility to accept or refuse to use this service is also available in the User's personal cabinet.

23. The user independently determines the volume of consumed Services within the term, volume and other conditions of their provision. In the event that after the end of the period of validity of the Services paid on the User's balance, the amount sufficient to pay for the Services remains and the User has not refused further use of the Service, it may be provided with Services similar to those that were paid before the end of their validity period promotional, the terms of provision of which are stipulated by the Service separately), only if there are sufficient funds on the balance of the User in an amount sufficient to pay for such Services for the entire term of their validity in accordance with conditions their submission, indicated on the Service, and within the balance of funds on the User's balance. Payment for the Service of the Service by the User shall be deemed confirmation of the User's consent and his unconditional acceptance of this clause of the Agreement. The User may refuse to receive Services similar to those that were paid before the end of their validity period, if after the end of the period of validity of the Services paid on the User's balance, there remains an amount sufficient to pay for the Services by activating the corresponding option in the personal account and applying to the support service with a message of failure.

24. If the User fails to make the necessary funds for the activation of the Service on time, within the framework of this Agreement, the User has the right to resume using the Services that were connected in the previous month for 3 (three) calendar days after confirmation of the Credit activation (Additional service). Within 3 (three) calendar days from the moment of Credit activation, the User must fully pay for all Services provided by the Service and pay for the services connected by the User, according to the tariffs of the Service for the current Settlement Period. The User can use the Credit no more than once for 30 (thirty) calendar days. If during the validity period of the Credit (3 calendar days) the User has not paid for the services or the service has not been paid in full,

25. If the Service has been paid by the User but not rendered through the fault of the Service within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of payment, on the basis of a written application of the User and documents confirming the facts and requirements specified by the User transferred to the Service, he may be provided with equivalent Service, or in the event of refusal from further use of the Services upon a written application of the User, a refund may be made to it within 30 days with the help of the bank indicated by the Service, The Service does not release the User from payment for the Services provided for the entire period of their provision.

26. The User agrees to the use of the User's Personal Data to ensure the operation of the Service, providing the User with access to the Content, as well as information services for the User.

27. The User agrees to receive letters and/or messages in the form of a text message, including an advertising character, from the Service to the e-mail address and/or phone number provided by the User at the time of registration or issued by the Service. The Service undertakes not to send unwanted letters and/or messages in the form of spam, except for important communication letters and/or messages for which the User has given his permission. The user may refuse to receive these letters and/or messages using the feedback form on the website http://woo.media

28. The Service undertakes not to disclose information about the User to third parties without the consent of the User, except for disclosure of information at the request of the court and / or law enforcement agencies in accordance with applicable law.

29. The Service reserves the right to suspend, restrict or terminate the User's access to the Service or to certain services of the Service at any time at its discretion, including, but not exclusively, in case of violation of this Agreement and / or legislation by the User.

30. Access to the Service is provided on the territory, which is the aggregate of the territories of the countries serviced by the Service, within which there is a technical possibility of providing the Service, taking into account possible restrictions of the territory of action specified for a particular device and / or Service.